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Updated Agenda with new start time Hybrid Regular Meeting Agenda 11.17.22

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HSC Portfolio 11.17.22 (1)

Hybrid Regular Meeting Agenda 11.17.22

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10.26.22 UPDATED Hybrid Regular Meeting Agenda 10.27.22

City Clerk Posting Emergency Executive Session Emergency Teachers’ Mediation 10.19.22

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Updated Hybrid Regular Meeting Agenda 10.13.22

Hybrid Regular Meeting Agenda 10.13.22

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Revised City Clerk Posting Executive Session 10.11.22

Material distributed at the September 22, 2022 meeting:

There will be no meeting on June 9, 2022
FINAL EDIT LEGAL NOTICE FY23 (1) ~ Agenda will be published on Tuesday, May 31, 2022
Documents distributed at 03.10.22 Meeting:

http://School Committee Reopening Schools during Pandemic 04.29.21

3.11.21 Hybrid School Committee Regular Meeting 材料 (presented or distributed at the meeting):

2020 Meeting Agendas:

Superintendent’s Evaluation 2019


Remote School Committee Meeting Agenda:

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HCTV has opened a Google Meet for the SC meeting on Monday. All participants who will not be joining us in-person at City Hall can join remotely via this Google Meet: To join the video meeting, click this link: http://meet.google.com/riz-xmap-gkc. Otherwise, to join by phone, dial +1 417-448-6024 and enter this PIN: 598 015 419#To view more phone numbers, click this link: http://tel.meet/riz-xmap-gkc?hs=5

Due to logistical and safety issues, the return to in-person meetings has been delayed until August 10, 2020.

Remote School Committee Regular Meeting Portfolio 07.23.20: